How to Sell Your Property Faster and For a Higher Price by “Staging” Your Brown Grass

lawn painting

Selling a property with a brown lawn is not ideal. Brown lawns can significantly reduce your property’s curb appeal, lower your property value, and make your property take longer to sell.

So what’s the solution?

You could replace your grass with sustainable landscaping for about $8,000 on average. You could replace your grass with artificial turf for about $6,000 on average. Or you could just “stage” your grass with a process called lawn painting for only about $600 on average.

That’s right, if you haven’t heard about it before, lawn painting is exactly what it sounds like. People are literally using paint sprayers to paint grass green. And while it may sound a little crazy at first, the truth is that it’s nothing new. In fact, golf courses paint their grass green all the time, and realtors have been secretly using it to sell their client’s houses faster and for higher prices.

lawn painting

And it totally makes sense why it’s so popular…

  • The process turns the grass green instantly
  • It makes properties more likely to sell faster
  • It makes properties more likely to sell for a higher price
  • It’s great for real estate listing photos
  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • The paint is 100% non-toxic
  • It’s way faster and affordable than the alternatives like sustainable landscaping and artificial turf
  • It lasts 3-6 months
  • It looks nearly indistinguishable from real green grass

Essentially, lawn painting is like a cheat code for your curb appeal.

It’s the perfect solution for an open house because it allows you to turn your brown grass green instantly without costing you a ton of money.

Which is why so many property owners and realtors hire us before listing their properties on the market.

To them, spending an extra $600 on average to have their lawns painted is an obvious decision because they know that it will help sell their properties faster, and actually make them money in the end.

And if you do the math, you’ll see that they’re totally right…

For example, let’s conservatively say that having a green lawn increases the property value of a million dollar home by only 1%.

That translates to a $10,000 increase in property value and an absolutely insane 16.7X return on investment.

Now let’s compare that to replacing your dead lawn with sustainable landscaping. That would likely cost thousands of dollars, and may not even add any additional value to your home compared to what lawn painting would add. Not to mention that getting sustainable landscaping installed would take a long time while lawn painting is instant.

So if you plan on selling your property, then lawn painting is the way to go.

before and after lawn paint

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